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For those of you who knew me back in 2011 will know I had a massive hair disaster for those of you who don't, here it is in brief. I thought it would be a really cool idea to bleach my hair so much that it went white but surprise surprise my hair dresser didn't agree, I decided to then do it myself (crazy I know) but wait there's more. Not only did I bleach my whole hair 4 times but I did it all in the space of a week!! You can probably imagine what this was doing to my hair, it went so straw like and looked very un-natural and down right awful but at the time I loved it. I can't remember how many months later it was but eventually my hair decided it had enough of the trauma I was putting it through and one third of it fell out. I had long sides and a short back so I then had to have it all cut off and basically start from
scratch - What a nightmare! It's now 2015, 4 years on, and still my hair isn't 100% perfect but it's back to it's long, thick, brown locks which I am extremely happy about. 

Now for the blog post - Sorry about the long introduction.

A lot of my long time friends have been asking me how I managed to get my hair back into a reasonably good condition and the truth is I don't really know myself but I can tell you a few tips that helped me along the way. 

Firstly I am naturally brown so once all my hair had fallen out I decided to put it back to my natural colour and it did me wonders. I instantly felt and saw a difference in my hair - I guess some people just aren't meant to be blonde:( 

Throughout the years I was constantly trying different products such as deep treatments, hair masks, leaving in conditioner over night and so much more but nothing really ever worked. However over time I have noticed I will always return to 3 products:

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Treatment - £4.99
Head & Shoulders 2in1 - £4.99
VO5 Hot Oil - £4.99

All of these products retail at a reasonable price for what they are. There are loads of different types of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle treatments such as for heat damage, sun damage etc but I found that any of them worked just fine. It also smells really good! The treatment works as a deep conditioner so I usually put it on then chill out for 3 minutes, sometimes I leave it on for more, and then just rinse it out. I can instantly feel a difference whilst my hair is still wet, I have very knotty hair and so I love being able to run my fingers through my hair whilst it's wet and I can't do that with many products but with this I can.

I have a really dry scalp and suffer with dandruff which can be really annoying so I love Head & Shoulders, and not only does it get rid of my dandruff but it also leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. I always get the 2 in 1 because my hairs so thick and it's easier to do one rinse rather than two plus I'm lazy. I am yet to find any other shampoo/conditioner that will remove or even reduce dandruff so if any of you have any suggestions that would be great!

Lastly a recent discovery of mine is VO5 hot oils, you get 4 or 5 shots in a box so it works out a pound each. You only need one shot per wash and they're really easy to use. First hold them under your shower for a little bit to heat the oil up then massage into the middle of your hair and down to the tips - I tend to avoid the roots just because they're quite nourished anyway. After this is done just rinse and then go onto your normal shower routine.

So there it is 3 products I would definitely recommend to anyone whose trying to get their hair back into reasonable condition. I would like to point out that I do not use the VO5 and Aussie Miracle at the same time, I will use one or the other and probably only do it twice a month which is enough for me otherwise my hair begins to get a weird texture which I don't like. 


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