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Hello all. Where has January gone!? We are almost at the end of what seems like the quickest month in history and I can't believe February is just around the corner. I thought I would review my latest purchase with you which was 'It's all about prime' combo by Benefit, which I am sure you have all seen prevailing the shops this month, or not in my case because it seemed to be sold out of almost everywhere. However I did manage to get this beauty in my, not so local, Boots.

This retails at £24.50 and contains the full size POREfessional (22ml) that everyone has been raving about, and a travel size Moisturize Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (8.9ml). So you're basically getting the face moisturizer for free because the POREfessional on it's own is £24.50. Expensive I know, which is why I have very little Benefit products, the price tags are outrageous. Which is why I must go on to tell you that this buy was definitely an impulse buy and if I was thinking rationally I definitely wouldn't done it. I never usually use primer because of a previous bad experience but after seeing demonstrations of this online and the Benefit girls brilliant selling techniques I decided I wanted to give it go and Oh. my. gosh. WOW.

I will start with the good points, not that there's many bad ones, the primer itself is very mattifying which is brilliant for someone like me who has an oily T-zone and it definitely is what it says on the box. It is lightweight and it is silky, the only way I can describe it is if you have used L'Oreals Nude Magique EAU DE TEINT  then you'll know exactly what I am talking about. Also it does minimize pores - what more could you want? but wait I overheard someone saying that it gives you an 'airbrushed' look and I was thinking does it really? well the answer is YES. I mean it's not a miracle worker but it definitely does blur out some unwanted blemishes. The only thing I will warn you about with this product is that when I first used it a little oil came out of the tube before the actual primer so beware. Unfortunately I can't comment on whether my foundation stayed on longer when using this purely because the three times that I have used this I have felt it's done enough to not warrant foundation.

Next is the facial moisturizer, it was an absolute nightmare to get out of the bottle and still is so if you have any tips let me know. Once I finally got some out, which was the tiniest bit ever because I gave up trying, it was brilliant. My face instantly felt hydrated which is something I have trouble with and usually I will moisturize and after a few hours it will feel dry again but not with this. I used it around 1pm and by 10pm that same evening my face still felt moisturized which meant I didn't have to re-moisture before bed.

Overall a big thumps up from me however struggling to get the product out of the bottle was a big let down considering how good the it actually is.

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  1. This is such a nice duo, the products go hand in hand with each other and it's awesome to hear you liked them both!
    ~Weng wengiful

    1. They do indeed.

      POREfessional is definitely a product I would recommend!





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