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Does anyone else feel like they’re being conned out of A LOT of money? I have great emphasis on the words ‘a lot’ because as a University student paying £9000 per year in tuition fees I feel that 12 hours per week is not enough time in class. Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger I would have loved that sort of timetable but when I am paying the institution to be educated myself, I just think it’s atrocious.

I would like to point out that for UK students our government does kindly offer us loans in order to fund the tuition fees if you’re unable to fund them yourselves. Who has £27,000 just lying around anyway? Remember you will still have to pay it back, it is still out of your pocket just not straight away.

Now this is what I find incredibly interesting and all of you who find things easier to understand when explained by numbers will as well. I am only in University 33/52 weeks per year (based on my timetable from last year) which is September to the end of May with 3 weeks for Christmas. This may differ with different Universities.


33 (weeks per year) x 12 (hours per week) = 396 hours per academic year

£9000 (tuition fees per year) / 396 (face-to-face teaching) = £22.72 per hour

Baring in mind the above doesn’t include any cancellation of Seminars/Lectures, which seems to happen quite often where I study, or the fact that my Seminars/Lectures seem to never last the full hour. Seminars always start at 10 past the hour and end at 10 to the hour which is only 40 minutes and Lectures nearly always end early. All those lost minutes will eventually add up.

However after that long rant I would like to add that there are many extra facilities that we, as students, do get as well which are extremely beneficial. If you would like to know more about what the Universities offer for free then let me know or keep watch for future posts.

I appreciate that this is a long post so thank you for taking the time to read it.


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