L'OREAL 'La Palette Nude' Review


Now we all know everyone loves a good eye shadow and with the latest palette out on the high street I just knew I had to have it. The Palette was priced at £14.99 which I felt was reasonable for 10 shadows. However I was quite disappointed after actually using it, there was this great illusion that the product was going to be amazing because it looked incredibly attractive, it felt durable and L'Oreal has never let me down before but I was quite disappointed this time.

The palette is incredibly sleek and so compact and it's about half the size of the Urban Decay naked palettes. I think the packaging looks so classy, it secures well and is so easy to open. The only downside of the packaging was the fact that the fingerprints easily show up, however it does come off with one little wipe which is good for someone like me who likes to keep things neat and tidy. The palette also comes with a double ended applicator which I personally didn't find that useful.

It is in the shade '01 Rose', priced at £14.99, and contains ten shadows, 4 of which are matte and the other 6 are shimmery colours. 8/10 of the shadows have a Rosy undertone which is suggestible by the name and the other 2 (on the end to the right) are of a Mauve colour.

The colours show up quite well as swatches however I felt when I actually applied them to my eye lid it was extremely difficult to get coverage, I don't know if this is because I'm quite pale and the shades are quite light or if it's because the shadows aren't actually that great. I also found there was a lot of excess falling beneath my eye, if I put too little on the brush it barely shows up, if I put considerable amounts on it goes everywhere. I felt like I was going round in circles with this palette. There is one shade that I keep going back too though and that is the third one in from the right which is a metallic brown/silver combination, this goes great with a shadow from my Beauty UK palette when creating a smokey eye look.

Overall the matte shades are the hardest ones to apply and barely show up. I feel as though I may as well just not wear eye shadow. I hope that if and when new palettes are released they make a change for the better and the formula of the shadows gets updated.

I hope this review is useful and I want you to remember everyone's skin is different and what may not look great on me, may look great on you. Let me know how you got on with this palette and please let me know if you want more make-up reviews.


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