Battle of the Dry Shampoo's


Aussie Miracle or Batiste?

I am such a lazy person when it comes to washing my hair because it's so thick and always takes copious amounts of effort to complete, so I for one am partial to a bit of Dry Shampoo every now and then to get me through the day. My hair rarely gets greasy but when it does, and I can't be bothered to wash it I have always returned to old faithful - Batiste for medium & Brunettes. However when I went to re-purchase this item it was out of stock in my local boots so I had to go for a different brand and after using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Treatment and getting great results I decided to go for Aussie Miracle - Dry Shampoo Mega Instant for
normal or greasy hair.


Batiste retails at £3.99 for 200 ml and Aussie Miracle is £4.99 for only 180 ml, I didn't mind paying that little bit extra after the seen results from the Miracle Treatment and the conditioners. However after buying and using this product I was very dissatisfied, I felt it made my hair worse than it already was. The spray itself was very wet and oily and so when I used it my hair appeared more greasy. I then read the back and saw it said massage in and brush out, I did this but still no result. To make matters worse when returning to this product (to re-try) I had found it had leaked in my draw and there was an oily residue left over my other products. 

Batiste for Brunettes is good because the spray itself is brown so it doesn't leave a grey/white powdery residue behind on your hair, like most other Dry Shampoo's, I also find Batiste brilliant because it's a dry spray which is what I feel every dry shampoo should be. Dry enough to dry out or cover the greasy parts of your hair. It also works instantly which is what every woman wants.

For me Batiste wins, however I do feel that the packaging looks a little cheap and tacky whereas the Aussie Miracle looks a lot nicer. 

Let me know what Dry Shampoo's you've tried and what you would recommend.


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  1. Hey Hey! I tried the Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush and it smelled amazing and did what it was suppose to. In NZ it's difficult to find a whole range of products but Batistle VS
    Schwarzkopf Extra Care Shampoo Dry, Batistle won! Funny Australia is so close but the Aussie hair care products aren't easily sort after. I can't wait to see what other hair products you have to share =) Hair fan for sure!!

    1. Oh wow, I love the Aussie products but I was so disappointed with this one:( have you checked out my other hair care post? Tells you all about the drama I had with my hair the past few years!




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