Lost Time


Where has the time gone!? Like seriously, one minute I'm trying to become a regular blogger the next I'm as cold as the ice cubes in your freezer, and for that I apologise. It's been so long that I have completely forgotten how to navigate my way around blogspot.

In the time that's passed a lot has happened, I am no longer a student, as of about 1 month ago, but still it counts. Now I feel the whole aim of my blog has gone missed - because lazy old me can't seem to do multiple things at once. Now that it has though I will have to take a new direction, I don't know what that is yet and it'll probably be something really subtle because honestly I cannot be bothered to do another revamp.

 One thing that hasn't changed is that I am still loving make-up, MORE THAN EVER and am seriously starting to think there may be a problem. I see something shiny, highlighters is my thing at the moment, and I have to buy it - not taking into account the fact that where I'm in limbo money is literally non existent. But hey it's a new highlighter right so who cares!

 Anyways, I hate long posts and always skim read them so wanna keep this short and sweet. I wanna promise you that I'll regularly post but I doubt that I will, I mean well but you know things happen and all of a sudden you've forgotten you have a blog. Unless I get an influx of readers, if anyone's out there now is your time to shine, these good intentions probably wont last long.


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